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Enjoy our photo gallery, which includes recent pictures and walks down memory lane that go back over 20 years. Some of the kids you’ll see are still riding with Beth now as adults!

Fun over fences

We love to jump. Beth helps riders of all ages and levels have fun over fences while both horse and rider continuously improve.

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The Winners’ circle

At shows, team spirit rules. We cheer each other on, have fun and do well. Here we are with some of our winnings.

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African Horseback Safari

On Beth’s Barn’s third trip to Botswana to African Horseback Safaris, we galloped with giraffes, followed elephants and leaped through flood plains with antelopes.

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From birthdays to holidays to lives, Beth’s barn has celebrations to remember.

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Maryland Hunt Cup

Joe Gillet Davies, three-time winner of the Maryland Hunt Cup, rode with Beth’s Barn when he lived briefly in LA. He invited us to Maryland watch him race (and win) and be part of the festivities.

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