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What our riders say

The Secret to Happiness by Shelly Wilson

“My Daddy once told me to find a career that I would work at even if I didn’t have to, & I would never work a day in my life.  I’ve ridden with Beth for over ten years & I can tell you that she took my Daddy’s advice! Starting with her deep love & respect for horses, her passion for what she does really surrounds our barn & community of riders & friends. Beth has given me the opportunity to pursue my passion & develop my abilities as a rider, creating an atmosphere of fun, friendship, & appreciation of my wonderful horses & this great sport. She is a “horse-centered” trainer, focusing always on my horse’s (& I have had three very different horses through the years!) unique abilities & needs, & teaching me to develop a sense of awareness that allows our best performance as a team. Who needs a gym? She makes me work!! I love to show & compete & have had so much fun & success through the years in both equitation & jumpers. Beth has truly created a barn of friendship, fun, & achievement. Thank you Beth!”

Shelly Wilson, Adult rider


“I have been a part of Beth’s family for 9 years and I don’t believe there is another place with the same encouragement, determination, or love for the sport, riders, and horses. There is always an incredible and honest improvement in horses and riders with Beth’s training, and there is nothing more rewarding than that.”

Bridget Helm, Junior rider


“The training program is based on building your riding skills to your potential and that of your horse and having FUN.  Beth’s work ethic is a constant and she’s in the ring 6x’s a week (if she’s not at shows or schoolings) no matter what the weather is. Beth likes both riding and training equally and working with horses of all calibers. She is truly “part-horse” and they all understand and trust her on every level.  The emphasis on flatwork in lessons and the extensiveness of it, gives the horse and rider strength and fluidity and is what makes the jumping courses so much easier. Courses are changed on a weekly basis.

Beth is “hands-on” with the feed, bedding, vets, and each individual’s horse training program, which gives all of us “peace of mind” knowing that our animals are safe and taken care of, when our schedules don’t allow us to be at the barn.  All our horses get two turnouts a day. She realizes each horse’s potential and then some.  She is one of the few trainers that allows her show horses to go on beach rides, trail rides or do cross country jumping, she strongly believes this keeps them happy with variety and makes them braver in the show ring after doing a cross country schooling/competition.

Her love for the animal comes first whether it’s the 20 yr old former grand prix horse who is now doing 2’6′ or the up and coming 5 yr old. All horses are treated with love and respect.

Mostly, what separates our barn apart from the others, is that although we are all competitive with our horses in the show ring, we are a true barn family, and we ALL cheer each other on during all competitions and have fun.. Again, most of us do this for fun and the love of the animal and the sport.”

Jeannie Bedrosian, Adult rider

“I started riding at Beth’s when I was only 9 years old. I had never jumped a jump in my life and hardly knew how to ride. Over the past eight years Beth has transformed me into the person I am today. She has taken me from a small beginner pony rider, to a 3’6 equitation show jumper on my own horse Lana. She truly has a gift with all animals and horses especially. Not only that, she is also one of the most inspirational and motivating trainers out there. Her constant striving to make all her clients better riders along with her passion for horses and her gift of teaching, are all what has inspired me to continue riding and absolutely fall in love with this crazy sport. ”

Leah La Masney, Junior rider

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