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A full-service equestrian training facility in Malibu

Focused on developing confident horse and rider partnerships

At selected horse shows, team spirit and success

From “A” shows to local “play days”, we attend an eclectic mix

A tailored, enjoyable and diversified program

Building better riders and happier horses – a block from the ocean.

A positive family experience

Riders of all ages share successes in our barn “family”

Individualized training programs for each horse & each rider at all levels

Beth takes a positive approach to the correct, patient development of horses and riders, enabling each partnership to reach its highest potential.

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From A-shows to local “play days”, blue ribbon performance and team spirit

The skill and confidence levels of our horses and riders determine the competitions we attend. We encourage each other, do well, have fun and enjoy success.

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Jumping ring with ocean view, turnouts and canyon trails

One block from the ocean in Malibu, our facility includes a jumping ring with fabulous footing. Behind the barn is a network of beautiful canyon trails.

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Fun: on our horses or on the ground, Beth’s barn is a spirited community

Beth’s barn has a special personality. Horses and riders thrive in an upbeat and supportive atmosphere. We're a family.

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Adventures that build better riders and happier horses

From our legendary New Years’ beach ride to African Horseback Safari trips, Beth makes a full range of optional adventures available to her riders.

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    I have been a part of Beth's barn family for 9 years and I don't believe there is another place with the same encouragement, determination, or love for the sport, riders, and horses. There is always an incredible and honest improvement in horses and riders with Beth's training, and there is nothing more rewarding than that. - Bridget Helm, Junior rider

    Beth is a “horse-centered” trainer, focusing always on each of my three horses’ unique abilities & needs, & teaching me to develop a sense of awareness that allows our best performance as a team. I love to show & compete & have had so much fun & success through the years in both equitation & jumpers. Beth has truly created a barn of friendship, fun, & achievement. - Shelly Wilson, Adult rider

    Over the past eight years Beth has taken me from a small beginner pony rider, to a 3’6 equitation show jumper on my own horse Lana. She is one of the most inspirational and motivating trainers out there. - Leah La Massey, Junior rider

    What sets our barn apart from the others, is that although we are all competitive with our horses in the show ring, we are a true barn family, and we ALL cheer each other on during all competitions and have fun. - Jeanie Bedrosian, Adult rider

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